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It’s about time pilates studios go digital

Save time and keep clients engaged with our easy-to-use app

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The all-in-one solution

Save time and keep clients engaged using our easy to use app

Take notes

Plan lessons and log teachings easily and quickly


Communicate directly & securely with your clients

Progress photos

Take pictures to document client’s progress


Help your clients progress faster by sending them customized homework


Health info, session notes, photos, and all other client information is stored neatly within each client's profile

Remote Access

Store data in a secure remote database accessible from any iOS device with internet

Keep everyone in the loop

Easily share client info between teachers


Set goals with your clients for increased motivation

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See what our users are saying...

"My clients are so much more engaged in their lessons now. They are so excited to receive their homework every week. I am seeing more improvement in their bodies since I have been using Prospire."

Vivian, Pilates studio owner
"The Prospire App is a game changer. I used to tell my clients what I wanted them to do for homework. Maybe shoot a quick video so they could remember. There was no consistency. Now I’m able to click a couple of buttons and add a homework assignment in seconds! I can even see if they did the homework. They feel motivated to improve their bodies. I also love that I can refer back and see what we did the previous week. I can even see what they did if one of the other instructors from the studio taught them! I keep their goals and my goals for them in the app too."

Chrissy, Pilates Instructor
“Prospire helps me keep each lesson fresh, relevant and focused on the needs and goals of my clients. And, its so easy to use I was able to start working with it the first day I picked it up. My clients love it because it gives them a way to stay engaged with the Pilates work we do together when they're away from the studio. I just wish I had found it sooner! “

Tom, Pilates Instructor

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